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and pathogen control

Shelf life

In South Africa, Sodium Reduction Legislation came into effect on June 30, 2016. Further sodium reduction is required in many food categories by June 30, 2019. - The process of lowering sodium in many food products poses challenges,  not just in maintaining flavour profiles, but also with shelf-life. It is particularly relevant to the meat industry.

Shelf life limitations effect the quality of the meat product as well as the profitability and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

The extension of the shelf life of food products such as processed meats, results in:

  • lower wastage factor

  • More efficient processing ( larger and fewer batches)

  • Improved quality

  • Lower microbial levels

  • Happier customers

  • Safer food products



our story

Advanced Food Science

Our Production Unit

Our products are manufactured in the strictest food safety conditions. The production facility is an ISO22000FSSC certified factory in Kyalami, Gauteng, South Africa.  

Particular care is taken with every batch produced, with pre-cleaning and sterilizing of equipment being done before each production run. Our in-house qualified food technicians monitor all aspects of production. Batch numbers are allocated, retention samples are kept and a full trace-ablility programme is operated.

The plant is also accredited with the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) as a Halaal facility.

our technology, your solution

Advanced Food Solutions has a multi-pronged approached to extend shelf life. We offer the following as a combined solution:

Shelf Life Extension Products:




Post Production Sterilization:

We offer a post-production sterilization tunnel (and usually in conjunction with a “sterile air” environment).  This uses cutting edge technology to kill off as much as 99.9% of micro-organisms that are on the outside of the meat product before it goes into its final packaging.  The technology used is non-chemical and therefore leaves no chemical or radiation residue on the product.  When used in conjunction with good food hygiene practices and “SLS Extension additives”, the post-production sterilization tunnel has the potential to increase the shelf-life of the product by an additional period of time – usually several weeks. 



Further to the above offering, we also offer consultation on Food Hygiene:

A base line microbiology assessment is done.  The results of the assessment are used to decide if further assistance is needed with food safety.  Recommended actions may be:

  • FSS conduct a Food Safety and Quality Assurance Audit to define problems.

  • the use of a timer to remind workers about sanitization. 

  • Implement a “sterile air” environment in the packing area to eliminate air borne micro-organisms that cause loss of shelf life

Our Solution


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